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Very simple HTML Tutorial for Beginners

This is a completed HTML Tutorial for beginners who have no idea what is HTML and how to use it with Linux.

HTML Tutorial Learn HTML

HTML is the main language use to make websites. The mean of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language and the latest version of HTML is HTML5. At the end of this tutorial, you will understand how to hand-code HTML5 to make websites.


You do not need to install any additional libraries or API to write or execute HTML. You can simply code with a simple text-editor like Gedit.

I use Bluefish as my editor which will help us to code HTML easily. I'm glad if you install Bluefish on your system before we continue with the HTML Tutorial.

How use this HTML Tutorial

This HTML tutorial is targeted beginners who have not a previous knowledge. There are code examples for each practical lessons and You are advised to try them all yourself by hand coding.

Do not be lazy to copy & paste example codes. If you write down every code in the tutorial, then it will help you to remind codes. Otherwise, you may forget what you code in a few days.

There is a Video linked at the bottom of every chapter, that will help you to understand the coding order of the example.

Table of contents of the Tutorial

  1. Quick Start HTML
  2. Standards and Syntax
  3. HTML Paragraphs
  4. HTML Headings
  5. HTML Lists
    1. Ordered Lists
    2. Unordered Lists
    3. Description Lists
    4. Nesting HTML Lists
  6. HTML Tables
    1. Table Headings
    2. Horizontal Merge
    3. Vertical Merge
  7. HTML Forms
    1. Typed Input Types
    2. Radio Buttons
    3. Checkboxes
    4. Textarea
    5. Select Options
    6. Fieldset & Legend
  8. HTML Progress Bar
  9. HTML Images
  10. HTML Links