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HTML Lists

There are 3 different types of HTML lists: unordered lists, ordered lists & description lists. With this chapter, you will understand the differences of each list.

HTML Lists types HTML Lists

Try the example to get a simple idea about HTML lists.

FILE : lists.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8" />
<title>HTML Lists</title>
	<dd>HTML is a markup language which is used to make web pages</dd>
	<dd>CSS is used to add styles on web pages</dd>


Take a look at the explanation of elements used in the example.

The ul element represents an unordered list in HTML.
The ol element represents an ordered list in HTML.
The li element represents a list item. This is used inside both of unordered list & ordered list.
The dl element represents a description list in HTML.
The dt element represents description term or description name.
The dd element represents the value of description.

In the next chapters, you will see what are the different ways that we use these lists in an HTML document.